Sunday, April 1, 2018

Family of Love

We had driven for less than ten minutes when Nadia got the call. The foster family who has become the mother and father to three of our Next Generation girls would not have access to their cabin, meaning the two parents, three girls and their adult son would have no place to stay. Within minutes Nadia had arranged for the family to stay at our girls' apartment, with a key ready and clean sheets on the beds.

The day before, Nadia and Joe had been called to the rescue of another family of some of our girls. The oldest sister in the family had stabbed her abusive husband in the leg twice with a knife. Joe and Nadia had been called to search for the sister but found everyone at home, including the husband who'd been stabbed, who had gotten out of surgery and left the hospital.

Crises like this come to us, through our extended connections with the young people we have seen grow before our eyes over the years. Most of the time, we are able and willing to offer a place to stay, visit people, feed whoever walks through our door, give advice, drive when needed, and generally help out our extended friends, who we consider as family. This is the Love Revolution in action.

If we lived selfishly guarding our resources, not sharing our space, time, and money, we would not be living out our purpose here in Piatra Neamț. We protect our own, but "our own" is continually expanding and while we try to focus on the traditional Next Generation (the kids we've been with all along), new sheep keep wandering into our fold. Sometimes we even seek them out. And so we learn to love, and all that comes from real love: generosity, selflessness, patience, dedication. 

We are a family of love. We know that Jesus truly cares about the hungry, the thirsty, the stranger, the naked, the sick, the prisoners. We know because Jesus doesn't just love them, he identifies with them. If you've seen them, you've seen him. If you've helped them, you've helped him. And if you haven't helped those in need, you haven't helped Jesus (Matthew 25).

Our family is all around us in Piatra. And you are our family, too. Those of you who follow us and keep up with what we do, you're in this, as well. No one gets blamed when things go wrong, but it truly is everyone's responsibility that dinner gets on the table, that we can afford bedding and toilet paper, and that we can keep being this unconventional family of love.

Please prayerfully consider financially supporting us. You can do so at this link. Happy Easter!