Sunday, July 26, 2015

So, why did you move again?...

I had a decision to make in writing this. Do I write a blog post on this blog, my Romanian Inclination one, or on my The Edge of Here blog? Basically, I decided to keep my focus on Romania, for tonight at least. It's been a little over a week since I've been here in Raleigh, and already I can feel my life filling up with a lot of wonderful things...but 95% of them have nothing to do with Romania.

The wonderful things should be noted. I'm meeting tons of people, going many places, and many of these people are becoming my friends and many of these places will be places that I will frequent as I spend my time here. I've been to two birthday parties, and one more on this coming Friday. I watched a Bollywood movie (all the way through) for the first time today. I swam for the first time this summer yesterday, at one of the birthday shindigs. I started working last Wednesday in the Global Hope India office. I'm cramming tons of information into my head on a daily basis, hoping some will stick: people's names, street names, the shape of streets, which restaurant in downtown is where (I work in downtown Raleigh), passwords, who I need to contact for which thing...I am also still searching to people to share our house with. All wonderful things.

Well, to be honest, finding two more roommates is a little stressful, especially now that I will hopefully have a second job. And my computer refuses to cooperate with the house wifi. So I write this from the Starbucks on Peace Street.

This is nice, though. Being busy. Getting away to a coffee place in a trendy part of Raleigh. I find myself thanking God for little things...getting the coffee and pho stains out of my white shirt using only water...finding out I didn't accidentally give our address to a scammer...okay, that last one was a pretty big relief. But the point I mean to make here is...Where is Romania in all of this?

I've had a lot of people ask me the question, "Why?" "Why did you move to Raleigh?" A decent question, but sometimes I want to ask, "Why not?"

Why not embrace change, take a chance, do something adventurous? Why not go wherever God calls you? Truth is, I moved for a lot of reasons, and the ones I do not voice may be just as powerful as the obvious reasons. I moved to make a step. And that step, ultimately, is to be in Romania.

People will ask me, when I get to Bucharest, why? Why did I move all the way to Eastern Europe when I could have gotten a job in the States, a job that would pay me? Why Romania? Why me?

When God has told you something, it is actually harder to not do what he says than to actually do it. To deny something God has clearly, obviously, unquestionably told you will rip your soul apart. People are good at getting by, sticking to cliches even when God has whispered earth-shattering truths to them. But what if God was right? What if, if only we listened, and then actually did what he told us, we found what we were looking for all along?

Romania is still my goal. I'm learning so much in the Global Hope India office that I am sure I will use when I work for Next Generation Outreach. Like how to engage donors, how to properly thank them and show them what their donations have been doing.

So to all you donors and potential donors, I want to thank you. This blog will be my way of describing to you where my heart is and what God has been doing in my life, and how he is leading me to Romania. I will have to decide what to do about my other blog. Two blogs at once? Or consolidate? I'll figure this out.

But seriously, if you know of a young woman looking for a place to live in Raleigh...leave a

As always, here is the link for my donation page. Thank you all!